Testimonial from Mom’s Garden Helper’s Client:

“Pet Valley Park and Crematory’s landscape is one of the companies that Mom’s Garden Helper regularly maintains. We are one of their first clients and we have a great working relationship with them for a few years now. And, in my opinion, they have the best services. They are honest, efficient and reliable. They make sure that the work they do is of high quality. And we are happy and satisfied with the results of the services that they give. Furthermore, they always exceed all our expectations with them. They also have friendly and courteous employees that are a delight to work with. It is also easy to talk to their superior and relay if there are problems that we encounter with them. Great work and commitment to customer satisfaction. And they don’t overcharge with their services, making them the most affordable in the industry. Hence, we look forward to working with them for years to come. You will never be disappointed in working with them. I absolutely highly recommend them to anyone that’s in need of a garden cleaning and maintenance service.”


-Mayleen, Secretary, Pet Valley Park and Crematory Services