Benefits of Gardening

Benefits of Gardening

Gardening is one of the oldest past time of all the moms out there. They release their stress through gardening. But did you know that there are health benefits that gardening can do to our body?

Gardening as a Stress Relief

A study proves that gardening relieves stress. As a result, it lowers the stress hormones in the body which can lower the risk of being overweight and even heart disease.

Depression and Mental Health

Benefits of gardening to our mental health are most noteworthy. A study proves that gardening is another way to heal ourselves from depression and improve our overall mental health. In fact, researchers and experts use gardening as another form of therapy. It is called horticultural therapy. Patients with depression can smell the surroundings with flowers. It is also a form of physical activity and brings awareness to their environment. These experts believe in the healing powers of nature.

“Horticultural therapy stimulates thought. It exercises the body and encourages an awareness of the external environment. Moreover, the clients who have benefited from this type of therapy report a renewed desire to live. They decreased their anxiety and improved self-worth.”

Gardening as an Enjoyable Exercise

In adults who lack physical activity, can certainly try gardening as a form of aerobic exercise. It can help our flexibility and body strength. People that undergone therapy also use gardening as a form of exercise.