Waste Composting

Waste composting is the simplest way to lessen your family’s impact on the environment. Because not everyone has the time, money, or patience to do this. Which is why we offer waste composting services to all our clients.

Waste composting removes organic materials from landfills that create methane gas. But methane is so much more damaging than carbon dioxide. That is why it is important to remove as much organic material from landfills as possible.

Compost is typically used as a soil enhancer to improve soil tilth and add nutrients where lawns and gardens need them most. Compost improves soil health which creates healthier growing plants. By using compost on lawns and landscapes, communities reduce waste. It also cut down on emissions and improve the health of our environment while minimizing the risk of soil erosion. Composting also decreases the number of natural resources we take from the earth. As a result, it reduces the energy we would use to produce new materials.

Wastes the site can receive include grass clippings, garden prunings, vegetables and fruit, woodchips and oversize from other waste composting sites.

Mom’s Garden Helper is committed to providing environment-friendly solutions to meet current and future waste composting needs.