Street Sweeping

Street sweeping extends asphalt life, it reduces clogged storm drains and sewers. It has both an economic and environmental impact on our community. Delaying the costly price of resurfacing or resealing. It will also prevent debris build-up that could adversely affect your drainage system, potentially causing a costly emergency situation.

Street sweeping helps divert dust and dirt that may end up in the air we breathe and the water we drink thus preventing water contamination. As a result, avoiding water-borne diseases.

A clean street provides a great first impression to visitors and guest. Having a well-maintained property will give the perception that you care about the environment. It will have a long lasting impression that you are environmentally friendly, not only now, but through the future as well.

Mom’s Garden Helper offers your community a dependable, value-oriented street sweeping solution using only trained professionals. Our service is available weekly, monthly, or by contract basis. We can provide a proposal covering specifications tailored to your property. Our team completes the job on time, delivering quality service, and with the utmost respect for our customers’ property.

Learn more about Mom’s Garden Helper service by contacting us. We’re looking forward to your call.