Mom’s Garden Helper offers professional hedge cutting service tailored to your needs. Our team helps our clients’ keep their hedges neat and tidy year round. We offer a quality hedge cutting at affordable rates. Whether you don’t have the time or your hedges have just become too big, we have a service to suit you

Hedge cutting, when done regularly, can stimulate new growth and prevent the development and spread of disease, which can improve the plant’s health. A well maintained and trimmed hedges also improve the overall appearance of your property. Because regularly trimmed hedges are much healthier and last longer.

There are many different types of hedges. Some require more frequent trims, while others require much attention to ensure full growth.  Seasonal changes can also affect growth patterns, and we carefully take into consideration all factors when working with your hedges.

We always aim for an excellent service, taking great care with the finishing look of the hedge. All cuttings are removed and disposed of responsibly, and we will always rake and sweep up before we leave.

So, if you need your hedges trimmed, shaped, maintained or renovated, our team of professional hedge trimmers will do the job for you. If you have some questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re very much looking forward to hearing from you soon.