Hand Weeding

Hand weeding is a tedious task that Mom’s Garden Helper handles. Especially when you only have so much time, energy and patience for those gardening duties. Included in the service are the removal and proper disposal of the pulled weeds.

Weeds can transport through different channels like wind, water, animals, soil amendments, poor quality grass seed and lawn and garden equipment. Because weed seeds can transport through the air, weeds can easily spread throughout your lawn and they will still sprout. Fortunately, there is a proven and effective way of reducing and controlling weeds.

Hand weeding is the most selective and environmentally friendly way of controlling weeds. It takes out the weeds including the roots, preventing it from spreading. Regular hand weeding maintenance is critical to the health and beauty of your landscape. Also, keeping your lawn thick and healthy to keep weeds from having room to grow is most favorable. Thus, keeping your shrub and flower beds weed free and looking their best.

Mom’s Garden Helper offers fully customizable landscape maintenance plans that incorporate hand weeding services. We maintain your lawn weekly, monthly, or depending on your needs. Contact us today to discuss our maintenance services options. We are committed to coming up with a plan that meets and exceeds each of our clients’ expectations.